More Than A Lifestyle


TRACE – Coworking & Private Office – is a flexible workspace that opened in the heart of beautiful Hida Furukawa, a traditional castle town in Japan which reflects the true sense of the Japanese countryside. It has been in operation since August 2021 and has already been used by many members. We would like to write about our thoughts on this project, which started as a part of project to revitalize the beautiful townscape by building a new traditional townhouse in Hida.

“More Than A Lifestyle – A new way of working, a new way of lifestyle and a way of life that is unique to you -“

By this message we wanted to expresses our desire to be a place where people can find their own way of life, in addition to supporting their own way of working and lifestyle through the TRACE community.

With the evolution of technology and the diversification of values, more and more people are practicing new ways of working and living. Promoted by the Covid-19 pandemic, people have started to practice new ways of working such as telework and remote work by using a third place such as coworking space.

If you practice a new way of working, your lifestyle will inevitably change. This is leading to the changes that people are changing the scope of their activities, eating habits, and where they live to create a lifestyle that is more comfortable for them.

The Hida-Takayama region has been attracting a diverse range of people with its rich lifestyle that blends nature and culture. So if people living in big cities around the world could practice remote work in the Hida region, their lifestyles would change even more drastically in a good way for remote workers and the locals, we believe.

So what do you need next after having your freedom in your choice of lifestyle?

We think it is about finding a “community that connects with diverse people” and a “mission in life or a way of life”.

Perhaps, historically speaking, this is the time when people have finally become able to make decisions about how to work and live on their own, although there are so many people who are not in this situation in the world.

Our goal is to create a workspace that not only allows people to practice new ways of working and enriching lifestyles, but also allows each individual to realize their own unique way of life through exposure to diverse values.

And to make this worldview a reality, we would like to welcome freelancers, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations not only in Japan, but all over the world.